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In this Pack -JK Special Chicken Biryani( Seeraga Sambha Rice), Fish 65 Boneless(2 Portion),Egg(8pcs), Onion Raita, Plain Chicken Gravy, Dalcha, Sweet Kasari and Lime Juice(8Pcs). Offer valid only for advance... Read More

DISCOVER THE LEGACY OF JUNIOR KUPPANNA Founded in 1960 by Thiru Kuppanna & Thirumati Rukmini Amma an exponent in Kongu Cuisine, This brand has travelled lands and made people devour... Read More

JK special chicken biriyani family pack (3-4 persons)- Seeraga sambha rice, Fish 65, Boneless(1 Portion), Egg (4Pcs), Onion Raita, Plain Chicken Gravy, Mutton Bone Dalcha, Bread Halwa, Lime Juice(4 nos).... Read More