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Remesis is an exporter of premium-quality Australian jac Wagyu beef. Jac Wagyu’s production range includes cattle breeds such as Wagyu F1 and full-blood Wagyu. Our Wagyu Beef offers a blending... Read More

Australian Olive Fed Wagyu is even more exclusive when it comes to Wagyu Beef, and Remesis is Australia’s first Olive Fed Wagyu Beef exporter. We are proud to be the... Read More

Trusted Australian Meat and beef exporter Company – Remesis

Remesis Australia is a well-known, reliable, and trusted Australian meat exporter. Remesis provides consistency and access to the highest quality Australian halal meat, beef, pork, lamb, and premium quality Wagyu... Read More

Remesis Australia takes great pride in providing traceability, consistency, reliability, and strict animal welfare throughout our entire supply chain. We proudly provide access to the finest and highest quality products... Read More

Australian Meat and poultry suppliers | Remesis

Remesis Group (Australia) Pty Limited is one of the largest independent international meat trading companies in Australia. We are a reliable supplier of high-quality Australian halal meat, beef, pork, lamb,... Read More