Binola Khal Manufacturer in Amritsar

Get the best quality khal for your cattle to help them grow more and quality health from Baldev Mehta Khal. Binola Khal is a byproduct of the cotton seed oil extraction process, and it is widely used as a cattle feed supplement. Binola Khal manufacturing has been a traditional occupation in Amritsar for many years. The city has a rich history of producing high-quality binola khal that is in high demand across the country.
In the past, binola khal was produced using traditional methods, such as manual grinding and heating. However, with the advent of modern machinery and technology, the manufacturing process has become more efficient and streamlined.
It is the most trusted and oldest Binola Khal Manufacturer in Amritsar since 1982. Get to know more about the products by contacting +91 98785 62635.