Curry House: Located in Jersey City, Curry House is a unique Indian grocery store that offers a variety of Indian groceries alongside a selection of freshly prepared curry dishes. Customers can purchase their desired groceries and also enjoy a quick, ready-to-eat curry meal from their in-store kitchen.

Bollywood Spice Bazaar: Situated in Iselin, Bollywood Spice Bazaar is a distinctive Indian grocery store that not only provides a wide range of Indian groceries but also offers a unique selection of Bollywood-themed household items, decor, and clothing. Customers can find Bollywood-inspired merchandise while shopping for their groceries.

Namaste Indian Supermarket: Located in North Brunswick, Namaste Indian Supermarket is a specialty Indian grocery store that focuses on providing a wide range of vegetarian and vegan products. They offer a diverse selection of vegetarian and vegan groceries, including plant-based proteins, dairy-free alternatives, and cruelty-free personal care items.

Spices of India: Situated in Parsippany, Spices of India is a unique Indian grocery store that specializes in providing a wide range of rare and exotic spices from different regions of India. They source spices directly from small farms and spice merchants to ensure authenticity and offer customers a chance to explore lesser-known spices.