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Dream11: A Huge Fantasy Sports Platform


Dream11 is an extremely popular fantasy sports platform in India. On this platform, users can create fantasy teams of sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, basketball and volleyball. In these teams, they have to choose real players and get points based on their performance. The winning user is the one whose team scores the most points.

Start and Growth:

Dream11 was started in 2008 by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. Initially it was an offline platform where friends and family played against each other. In 2012, Dream11 launched an online platform and since then its popularity has grown rapidly. Today, Dream11 has more than 20 crore users and is India's largest fantasy sports platform.

How to play?

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Dream11 is very easy to play. All you have to do is:

Choose a match: First of all, you have to choose a match in which you want to create a fantasy team. Dream11 offers a variety of matches every day, so you will definitely find a match of your choice.

Create your team: Now you have to create your fantasy team. You have to choose real players within a fixed budget. You have to include Batsmen, Bowlers, Wicketkeepers and All-Rounders in your team.

Join the contest: There are many types of contests in which you can include your team. Some contests are free, while some have to be paid for.

Enjoy the match: Now all you have to do is enjoy your match and see how your team performs. You have to track the performance of your team players live and change them if needed.

Tips to win:

To win in Dream11, you should follow some tips:

Learn about the game: To win, you must have good knowledge about the game. You should be aware of the form of the players, the conditions of the pitch and the statistics of the match.

Keep all the teams balanced: You should keep your team balanced. Your team should have good Batsmen, Bowlers, Wicketkeepers and All-Rounders.

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