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1. Visit our website or app: Go to the official SkyDial website or launch the app on your device.
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3. Select your hotel: Choose the hotel that meets your preferences and budget.
4. Choose room type: Select the type of room you want to book.
5. Enter guest information: Provide the required information for all guests, such as names and contact details.
6. Add any special requests or notes: Look for a section during the booking process where you can add special requests or notes. This is where you can include any cautions or specific instructions for your stay.
7. Review and confirm: Double-check all the details of your booking, including the caution or note you added. Ensure that all information is accurate.
8. Payment: Proceed to the payment section to complete your reservation. Follow the prompts to enter your payment details.
9. Confirmation: After payment, you should receive a confirmation email or notification with details of your booking.