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Best Hair Loss Treatment In Chandigarh

Hair Loss Treatment in Chandigarh – Fungal infections itch and irritate wherever they occur, from your scalp to your feet and groin. The scalp can become infected due to fungus or bacteria when entering the scalp through the hair follicles or damaged skin. Later, when the skin gets harmed, it can result from common skin conditions like Psoriasis and eczema. Having a scalp infection can lead to various types of skin rashes on the scalp and hair loss. People facing this problem can have different symptoms, like redness, itching, and pus. So, it is necessary to recognize the difference to get the right treatment.  Get a top-notch dermatologist in Chandigarh with Dr. Aditi Jha. Specializing in laser hair removal, skin toning, peels, pigmentation, and more.