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Ketamine Infusion Therapy
Ketamine Drugs therapy is a treatment that offers long lasting pain relief as well as relief from many mood conditions, such as depression, allowing you to live your very best life.

Ketamine Drugs infusion therapy is typically administered over the course of a four hour time period for those seeking treatment for chronic pain, and a one hour time period for those who are being treated for mood disorders. Initially, the given treatments may be administered over the course of several days – usually anywhere from 3-10, depending on the results of the treatment success.

After the initial therapy, booster treatments may be required to maintain the effect of the Ketamine Drugs. Sometimes the doctor will indicate that the individual use oral Ketamine Drugs or intranasal Ketamine, depending on your condition and how often you will require booster treatments.

With the booster treatments, many patients can expect to have at least a 50% reduction in their overall pain levels. Each patient’s treatment plan and booster schedules are tailored to their very own needs, so they can be sure they are getting the proper care that they require.