Odia Book Bishwamitranka Atmakatha By Nrusingh Prasada Mishra

Odia Book Bishwamitranka Atmakatha Written By Nrusingh Prasada Mishra .One of the most revered rishis or philosophers in prehistoric India was Biswamitra. He is credited with writing the majority of Mandala 3 of the Rigveda, including the Gayatri Mantra, according to Hindu legend. According to the Puranas, only 24 rishis have had the ability to fully comprehend the Gayatri Mantra's significance and utilise its full power since antiquity. According to legend, Yajnavalkya came last and Vishvamitra came first.Brahmarishi Biswamitra. was a king before giving up his throne and royal position, so he kept the moniker of Rajarshi, or "royal sage."

Several Puranas also contain his tale, though they differ slightly from the Ramayana. The origin of Vishvamitra is described in the Mahabharata's Harivamsha chapter 27 (dynasty of Amaavasu) and the Vishnu Purana. According to the Vishnu Purana, Kushanabha had a son named Gaadhi, who had a daughter named Satyavati, after marrying a woman from the Purukutsa family (later known as the Shatamarshana lineage, which were decedents of the Ikshvaku king Trasadasyu). (not to be confused with the Satyavati of Mahabharata).