TOPDON TC002 – Thermal Imaging IR Camera for iPhone & iPad

For people that work in the home inspection or the home repair industry, in the automotive industry, with electrical systems and/or household appliances, or even for people who work in the farming industry, having a thermal imaging camera can be an incredibly helpful tool, as these devices allow people to see what their eyes can’t; which is invisible heat radiation that’s either emitted or reflected by objects, regardless of the lighting conditions. By having a thermal imaging camera in any of those scenarios, people can speed up diagnosis, reduce (and maybe even avoid) unscheduled downtime, and most importantly, minimize or ultimately prevent damage to structures and assets, and also, specifically for the case of farmers, to check the body temperature of animals and see whether or not they have a uniform surface temperature. So, if you’re looking for a thermal imaging camera that’s capable, reliable, and versatile, then check out the TOPDON TC002.