Heritage Recipe Kits: These meal kits collaborate with home cooks or culinary experts who share their family's treasured recipes. They offer a unique opportunity to recreate authentic dishes that have been passed down through generations. These kits often come with detailed stories and insights about the heritage behind the recipes, providing a rich cultural experience.

Farm-to-Table Kits: Some Indian meal kits prioritize using locally sourced, organic ingredients directly from farms. These kits emphasize sustainability, supporting local farmers, and ensuring the freshness and quality of the produce. They offer a unique farm-to-table experience, connecting you to the source of the ingredients and promoting ethical and eco-friendly practices.

Seasonal Ingredient Kits: These meal kits revolve around the availability of seasonal ingredients in Indian cuisine. They provide recipes and ingredients that align with the specific seasonal produce and flavors. By using ingredients at their peak freshness, these kits offer a unique and vibrant taste experience that evolves throughout the year.

Signature Chef Kits: Collaborations with renowned Indian chefs bring their expertise and signature recipes to these meal kits. These kits often feature dishes created by famous chefs who add their own unique twist to traditional Indian flavors. They provide an exclusive opportunity to try restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your own home.

Street Food Adventure Kits: For those looking to experience the vibrant street food culture of India, these kits focus on popular street food snacks and delicacies. They provide the necessary ingredients, spices, and sauces to recreate street food favorites like pani puri, bhel puri, or pav bhaji, allowing you to enjoy the flavors of Indian street food right at home.