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Oil Lubricated Piston Compressors in Coimbatore | Airwa

We are focused on delivering solutions that work, incorporating technology and features designed for you, that are reliable and economical and engineered to optimize efficiency and safety for all users... Read More

Agura Consultancy (Acoustics and Fire safety services)

Agura Consultancy is a specialist engineering consultancy. We are specialized in acoustic services that include architectural, MEP, environmental and industrial acoustics. Our acoustics team has a wide range of experience... Read More

Xeluxe fire safety consultancy

Xeluxe is one of the leading fire safety consultancy in the Middle east. We offer expert fire safety services to our clients at an affordable cost. At Xeluxe, highly experienced... Read More


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Engineering A Safer Environment | Arconik International Pvt. Ltd

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Nala Chef, AI Based Automated Robot Chef Restaurant – Nala Robotics

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